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The Victory of Pain

April 27, 2010

Have you ever worked so hard for something just to have all snatched away from you in the blink of an eye? Murderball, or rugby, is the story of quadriplegics on the USA rugby team. This documentary dives deep into each of the players’ lives, revealing details from their injuries, performance of sexual intercourse, and love for the game of rugby. It turns out that even if given the chance, none of these players would jump on a cure to be normal, right away. Players like Mark Zupan, find redemption in Murderball and realize that they would not trade the life they have for the life they once had. He says, “I’ve done more stuff in a wheelchair than I did when I was able-bodied.” In this blog we will explore the injuries, feelings, and redemption of a few of the players of the USA rugby team.

Cleveland, Ohio native, Mark Zupan is one of the premier players on the USA rugby team. Even before he was injured, a couple of his friends said he was a jackass. “He looks scary,” they said. One night, Zupan got drunk at a party and passed out in the bed of his best friend, Chris Igoe’s truck. Chris, also drunk, did not even see Mark in the bed as he passed by to go to the driver seat and drive home. “Drunk driving wasn’t as big a deal back then as it is now,” he said. While on the expressway, Chris was involved in a collision, and Zupan was thrown from the bed, over a fence, and into a canal. While in the canal, Zupan held onto a branch for fourteen hours until being spotted by a passerby. He went into hypothermia and became quadriplegic. When asked if he would “turn back the clock on that day”, Zupan answered “No, I don’t think so. My Injury has led me to opportunities and experiences and friendships I would never have had before. And it has taught me about myself. In some ways, it’s the best thing that ever happened to me.” Zupan has found redemption in wheelchair rugby, also known as Murderball. He was apart of the 2004 bronze medal-winning USA team in Athens, and captain of the 2008 gold medal-winning paralympic team in the recent Beijing Olympics.

Another main character in the Murderball documentary was Scott Hogsett. With his vibrant blonde hair, it’s hard to miss this quadriplegic on the rugby court. Similar to Zupan’s story, Hogsett was injured while intoxicated. While at a New Year’s party, Shawn, a drunk, angry friend, threw Hogsett off a 10-foot deck into the 25-degree Washington snow. Because everyone at the party was drunk, no one had any clue that Scott’s neck had broken with the impact of the fall. Shawn went down and continued the beating, ripping Scott’s spinal cord as he lied helpless in the snow. After an event like this, you would think that Scott would want pity. In actuality, Hogsett describes this experience as “the highlight of his entire life.” He has no desire for sympathetic smiles from empathetic bystanders. He’s living a normal life, married, an athlete, drinking, and watching the one sport he used to play, baseball. Like Zupan, Hogsett has found redemption in wheelchair rugby and was also apart of the two medal-winning teams in 2004 and in 2008. He would not trade anything that has happened for an able-body and has made a close bond with fellow rugby teammate, Andy Cohn.

As we have read and it is true, that this bunch of quadriplegics have found refuge in wheelchair rugby. We have journeyed into two player’s lives of the gold-medal winning rugby team. ¬†They enjoy the lives they have and would not trade them for anything in the world. On an interview on Larry King Live, King assumed they would love to go back to the way they were saying that if there was a cure, he was sure they would take it. Zupan answered, “Not necessarily. Not necessarily – this is one of the best things that has ever happened to us.”

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